Samantha Giraud

Brand Story

A brand is born from the dream of a little girl...

XAMAS founder, Samantha Giraud began training as a figure skater at the age of 10 and went on to win many awards at competitions and took part in many ice-skating performances. Samantha sewed her own ice skating competition dresses then, a natural extension of her love and pursuit of beauty and aesthetics.

Samantha understands that even for outstanding skaters a key factor for their success is access to proper professional equipment. She faced this particular challenge when she was a student skater. It was her coach at that time, Mr Raul Gomes who helped her own her first pair of professional skates. With the necessary support intact he encouraged her to "Go for it - Go for your dream!!"

Xamas, the brand is born from this motto and the dream of that little girl...

cms_brand_story_02a.jpgIn 1999, she took on a new role as a skating coach. Apart from figure-skating techniques, Samantha believes an all-rounded good performance must also be blended with beautiful music and elegant clothing, allowing the ice-skater to fully immerse in the performance and engage the audience.

With her understanding of ice-skating, keen nose for fashion trends and knowledge of clothing production, Samantha began to sew competition costumes for her students, and this set the primary stage of XAMAS.

Thereafter, Samantha partnered with luxury brand garment manufacturer which produces for brands such as: Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Just Cavalla, Diesel, D&G and many European top brands) and worked together to design and produce high-quality performance skate and sportswear, using the latest sports fabrics and technologies.cms_brand_story_04.jpg


The concept of melding of high fashion and high-performance skate and sportswear is now embodied in the brand XAMAS.

cms_brand_story_06.jpgAs a leading skate and sportswear brand in Hong Kong, XAMAS is committed to nurturing of figure skating talents. The sponsorship program sponsors students with skating potential for competitions, and their performances have been outstanding.

Some recent beneficiaries include:
HK Skating and Short track speed skating championship 2013 Champion:
Mr.Matthew Leung Kwun Hung.

2012 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships
Novice pairs Champion:
Ms Chelsea Liu and Mr Devin Perini